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H E L L O (o u o)/ *glomps*
about | M I Y O
Rusty's fangirlfriend | President of the Captain Rusty Fanclub | General of Caedon's Chibi Army
| 22 | A writer/journalist by profession and an artist as a hobby | from the Philippines |
[i]Welp just an oldie avatar site lurker who found Caedon as a new home after missing creating avatars ;A; (and websites like Tinierme, Chloria, and Syndrone)
I'm pretty short for my age. I dun think I'm even 5ft ;A;
I love rock music, but it varies 'cause my playlist has pop songs as well. But I somehow seem to enjoy those electric guitar sounds and at times screamo haha!
I read more manga than watch anime 'cause it takes lesser time.
I have a dog and a cat whom I really love *^*
I love chats and long conversations, like really! Though I fail at being a long conversationalist during events and fast-paced threads oAo

Yixing - Best Bud
Ginggie - Soul Sister
Aleah - Momma
I swear I need to list a lot more people here but I dunno what to call them yet

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My Comments

  • Sir Tic said:

    How are you Miyoooo (4 years ago (Mar 31st, 2020))

  • Rayna said:

    I guess we both did then haha. c:

    Your avatar is really pretty btw! (5 years ago (Sep 20th, 2019))

  • Loliqua said:

    I AM ALIVE How are you???? I miss you!!!!! (5 years ago (Aug 29th, 2019))

  • Rayna said:

    Ahh I'm so sorry for disappearing! I hope you're doing well!! (5 years ago (May 11th, 2019))

  • Tsukuyomi said:

    *((Look what I did to Shuu's avatar: "Welcome to squad 666." =_= )) (5 years ago (Nov 23rd, 2018))

  • Dalhanahue said:

    *Snuggles with a Miyo* Hey, beautifull. How are you? (5 years ago (Nov 20th, 2018))