About me

If you feel link learning more about me/stalking vvvvv
Twitch:' http://Twitch.tv/sir-tic'
My blog:' http://unluckywanderer.livejournal.com/'
Anime:' https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Sir-Tic'
photos: still new to this one' http://sirtic.imgur.com/'

If you wanna trade Skype/steam/XBL/Friend codes just let me knooww : D

I'm 30 years old and male. First Avatar site. I live in the "big" city of Minneapolis, MN, USA. Lived in Minneapolis since 2012 and before that I was living with my parents in Brooklyn Park.

I work at a Surgery Center for monies, and I umpire youth baseball some too.

I have pup! I love to talk about her so ask away ^_^, Tic is an old nickname I got in high school so feel free to ask about that too. Or really anything. I'm pretty talkative.

I like playing Pokemon go, and my DS. When I'm not doing those things I'm probably watching anime or something else. I'm in a Star Wars RP group that meets once a week and I try to have a social life from time to time.

My Comments

  • Haven said:

    My bad, sorry about this then >.< (1 year ago (Jun 4th, 2019))

  • Haven said:

    IDK, I just know your name P: -shrugs- Not sure from where if not from gaia... (1 year ago (Jun 3rd, 2019))

  • Haven said:

    I think I know you XD Do you have a gaia and were a zomger? (1 year ago (Jun 1st, 2019))

  • LittleWhiteDragonlet said:

    Thank yoooooou!!! [s]now I gotta wait to change tho, I have no idea how you've had the same Avi so long[/s] (2 years ago (Jan 23rd, 2019))

  • Mz Hyde said:

    HAHA man idk it's a word I guess (2 years ago (Jan 9th, 2019))

  • Mz Hyde said:

    thanks bruuuhhhh (2 years ago (Jan 8th, 2019))