About me

I'm from New England, live in an apartment with me and my cat Mama. I love anime/manga, but I hate getting into it when it's brand new. Suggest stuff that's been going on a while, or is already complete. I'll gladly check it out.

My Comments

  • tunes said:

    aww thats awesome! im so happy for ya c: (2 years ago (Jun 15th, 2019))

  • Dalhanahue said:

    That avy is stunning! (2 years ago (Jun 14th, 2019))

  • tunes said:

    welcome back! hope life wasn't too rough on ya
    and i love your avatar so beautiful~ (2 years ago (Jun 14th, 2019))

  • Miyo02 said:

    wiii I love your avi Aurieeeel!! (3 years ago (May 3rd, 2018))

  • Renee said:

    Hello there! :3
    How have you been? :3 (3 years ago (Dec 19th, 2017))

  • GhostILY said:

    Congrats! Nice avatar. :3 (3 years ago (Dec 16th, 2017))