About me

Pleased to meet you x3
Please call me Noggy, Noch or whatever you like :3
I'm a girl from Denmark, who love pixel art.
I'm 30.

Looking for:
( March 2014 )
DRAMAtical Flair
Bara Ouji
Servant of Darkness
Tengu Mask, Jinbaori
Batty, Batty Duo ( donated my sweet Vee! )
Crow feets ( event item )
different kinds of devil horn and tail :D <3

Sadly ping doesn't work on me, and I tend to forget talks :'3


Thank you Prisma <3333

My Comments

  • Jae said:

    How have you been dealing with this whole COVID-19 mess? ;; (1 month ago (Apr 22nd, 2020))

  • Jae said:

    Noch!! I have missed you ;n; *big hug* And thank you! <3 (1 month ago (Apr 22nd, 2020))

  • Jae said:

    Thank you! I wasn't expecting to win, honestly xD (2 months ago (Mar 12th, 2020))

  • Jae said:

    Ahh Noch! *hug* Thank you~ :'D (3 months ago (Mar 9th, 2020))

  • Keo said:

    Noooooccchhhtem!!!!! I haven't seen you online in a while!
    I hope all is well and that your doing ok =u= (5 months ago (Jan 1st, 2020))

  • Jae said:

    Thank you! *u* (6 months ago (Dec 5th, 2019))