About me

About Tink:
-23 year old female
-I'm an avid roleplayer
-I'm super friendly, and I'm usually around to chat.
-Became an Artisan for Caedon on 3/13/2018.

My Comments

  • tunes said:

    omg omg omg i love this avatar!! (3 months ago (Apr 26th, 2019))

  • keo56 said:

    Your avi is absolutely beautiful!!! (3 months ago (Apr 16th, 2019))

  • tunes said:

    awww thanks your avatar is quite lovely as well. i love the elegance c: (3 months ago (Apr 9th, 2019))

  • keo56 said:

    OMG! Your avi!!!! It's so pretty!!!
    The darker skin with it looks real good :0
    nice work! (3 months ago (Apr 5th, 2019))

  • urbeth said:

    Thank you, Tink! <3 (6 months ago (Jan 27th, 2019))

  • sylvanSpider said:

    I'm so down! Buuuut I don't remember very much from our old rp. Down for a new beginning though! (7 months ago (Dec 22nd, 2018))