About me

Resident CSS Wizard
Twenty • Dork • ENFP

Hey there, Polar Bear!

I'm Aly - a twenty year old dork with a life-long love of digital design.
You can find me lurking in the mini shop forums, taking a nap or consuming unhealthy amounts of gyozas.

Commission Me:' https://caedon.net/topic/view/6120'
Premade Freebies:' https://www.caedon.net/topic/view/6752'

2014 • Graduated High School
2015 • Completed a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media
2019 • Bachelor of Multimedia est 2016

My Comments

  • Bliss said:

    YOOOOOO OMFG I FORGOT ABOUT CAEDON ARE U STILL ON HERE?!?! (1 month ago (Apr 11th, 2019))

  • Florex said:

    Congratulations!!, you have a really nice style and love your avi and profile! <3 (12 months ago (Jun 1st, 2018))

  • cnts said:

    r we twinning right now
    is this a thing again
    cos u look lOVELY
    also hope you're doing well <3
    kiskis (12 months ago (May 27th, 2018))

  • cnts said:

    Thank you ; u; <3 you look stunning so shshshsh ~~~ (1 year ago (May 1st, 2018))

  • dragoness129 said:

    Thanks so much! Your avatar is amazing too! ♥ (1 year ago (Apr 24th, 2018))

  • Miyo02 said:

    *pokes* (1 year ago (Apr 14th, 2018))