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  • Jastius said:

    It is your own original character. I'm glad I found words to describe it. Feel free to use it however you wish. (6 years ago (Dec 11th, 2018))

  • Banche Ouiga said:

    I would never say that. I respect anyone that respects me. (6 years ago (Dec 9th, 2018))

  • Banche Ouiga said:

    Chocolate and money for Banchee?!
    I owe you one. :D
    ?•??•?????? (6 years ago (Dec 8th, 2018))

  • PanicRising said:

    overwhelmed and busy for the most part, but okay in the long run of things. How about you? (6 years ago (Sep 21st, 2018))

  • PanicRising said:

    Hello :) (6 years ago (Sep 21st, 2018))

  • Kijo said:

    Psh no way (6 years ago (Sep 18th, 2018))