About me

ImageGender: Sleep Deprived Onion
Species: Cute Sparkly Skeleton Ghost
Occupation: Fairy of the Forest of Wonders, Full-time Goddess of Lazy.

I take ritual offerings of your eternal hugs and snuggles.

I'm 24, Canadian, and will have my first published novel in stores hopefully by spring! Bitter-sweet personality for the win: Give me Gothic themes with lots of skulls and blood? Excellent. Cutesy princess themes with cuddly plush creatures and candy galore? Perfect. Mix them together?
... I think I'm in love.

I love many things, so don't be shy! I'm always open to randomness so drop me a comment and we can chat. ♥

Stay lovely my cutie pies!

My Comments

  • Miyo02 said:

    *pokes* I wonder if I am still alive in Loli's mind o.o *hugs (6 months ago (Nov 16th, 2018))

  • VEE said:

    haha thank you xD magical student from zenth :^) (10 months ago (Jul 20th, 2018))

  • Oracle said:

    AAH!! Congrats on Avi of the Week!! <33 (10 months ago (Jul 19th, 2018))

  • Kasheena said:

    Lookin' fab! Grats on AOTW! (10 months ago (Jul 18th, 2018))

  • Kasheena said:

    -loves on- (1 year ago (Apr 14th, 2018))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Awwe, your cute x3 <3! (1 year ago (Mar 11th, 2018))