About me

I was 23 last time I updated this
im 28 now : ^)

wish this site wasn't dead, it holds hard dear memories and friendships <3
if you need to find me..

@Discord - #cnts0151

My Comments

  • Kasheena said:

    <3 (5 years ago (Aug 9th, 2019))

  • Mr Pin said:

    ;0 (5 years ago (Jul 15th, 2019))

  • Tink said:

    Heyyyyyy you! <3
    I gotta remember to add you on overwatch on my pc. xD (6 years ago (Jul 31st, 2018))

  • Bonfire said:

    heyya 8D yeah it has! im good, just working haha hbu?? (6 years ago (Jun 2nd, 2018))

  • Aly said:

    Sorry we twin a bit now xD
    ..maybe i subconsciously copy you ouo;; (6 years ago (May 28th, 2018))

  • Valefor said:

    You're welcome! She is such a cutie! <33 (6 years ago (May 15th, 2018))