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  • Aly said:

    Aww you should get better ones! I'm living in like 2014 whoops.. (3 months ago (May 8th, 2020))

  • Gatorlec said:

    Meh. Janna and I aren't together and my son is going through an identity crisis. (3 months ago (May 2nd, 2020))

  • Gatorlec said:

    Good. How are you? Good to see you again! (3 months ago (Apr 28th, 2020))

  • Jae said:

    lasj;dflk thank youuu! Sadly nu, I did not. It was made by the amazing Aly~~ (3 months ago (Apr 28th, 2020))

  • Keo said:

    Thank you! Best of luck to you as well! :D (5 months ago (Feb 26th, 2020))

  • Ronnie Radke said:

    Sorry cae can't handle emoji so it looks like a question mark lol (7 months ago (Jan 2nd, 2020))