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Meet Fraeyalise!

She's an awkward ball of nerves and weirdness, but don't let that discourage you! Always up for making friends, Frae tries to see the best in everyone. Now, Frae has found a new place to call home. //crowd awws

All this friendship and love, for only 3 payments of //garbled static ??~$???%off Tot4113780318598????????

My Comments

  • Jae said:

    Ahh! Thank you so much ; u ; I love her face too, tbh (4 weeks ago (Jun 14th, 2020))

  • Ginggie said:

    AAhhh why thank youuu!!! I had a lot of fun putting in together :3 Rainbows are my faavveee (4 months ago (Mar 9th, 2020))

  • PoeticTorment said:

    Aw, thank you!! <3 I just enjoy playing dress-up. XD (4 months ago (Mar 8th, 2020))

  • PoeticTorment said:

    I just like to help. Lol Glad you liked it. *^* (5 months ago (Feb 21st, 2020))

  • PoeticTorment said:

    Ack. Phone changed it to an emoji. The question marks was the word "present". Lol (5 months ago (Feb 18th, 2020))

  • PoeticTorment said:

    Not a problem! Saw your list had them so just tossed them to ya. Lol It's a ???? (5 months ago (Feb 18th, 2020))