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Hi there, My name is Haven and I'm 26 years old, a Gemini, and I am a Hufflepuff Alumni!

Thank you so much everyone that has donated to me. I won't mention names, but you know who are, thank you!


I have a weakness for silver haired anime guys.

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  • Atropa Belladonna said:

    thank you very much ^-^
    (6 days ago (Jul 14th, 2019))

  • Major said:

    I love it! Stand Alone Complex was where I first watched it. (3 weeks ago (Jun 28th, 2019))

  • tunes said:

    thanks and you as well! (3 weeks ago (Jun 26th, 2019))

  • LittleWhiteDragonlet said:

    thank you! ^-^ your avi(s) look pretty amazing too~ (4 weeks ago (Jun 25th, 2019))

  • tunes said:

    thanks for letting me know, i think its fixed now c: (4 weeks ago (Jun 25th, 2019))

  • tunes said:

    aww thanks! btw i love all your avatars ;) (4 weeks ago (Jun 20th, 2019))