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I am a girl aged 25 and turning to be 26 at 31 of January, i love cats that are my favorite pet but don't like cats' screaming at night, i was an Ernyan member and my username was Briar Moonwitch like at Sapherna and i'am FloralB13 at Voltraonline, xpunk821 at Gaiaonline, PrincessGotix at Roliana and QueenLava at Trisphee, i like pop, kpop, post rock, house music and all kinds of metal music also food makes me happy and i like horror, fantasy, science fiction and some kinds of drama movies also watching anime, self care and trying new things that doesn't hurt me and makes me happy, i dislike bully, envious and annoying people also faker people who are pretending to be nice and my hobbies are drawing, reading, playing games and shopping also i am Ravenclaw & that's all to get to know about me, theme by @Arcius!
My Motto: "Death is like a silence of unknown spirit finished the travel of an evil life that doesn't deserve it as almost wished to be." Image
Art by @Pyuukin


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  • urbeth said:

    Well, your avatar looks like a desert deity! Very nice! (2 months ago (Sep 25th, 2019))

  • Rayna said:

    Thank you! (: (2 months ago (Sep 20th, 2019))

  • Christopher said:

    :) same,
    I posted alot on both avatar sites. I can't recall my gaia account tho. Rarely did that site to be honest. (2 months ago (Sep 17th, 2019))

  • Christopher said:

    Wow. I was Christopher in Ernya
    and Darkchris on Roliana. xD
    But before your time. cause Roliana was around 10years ago. to god knows when. (2 months ago (Sep 17th, 2019))

  • Fraeyalise said:

    Thank you! :D I worked really hard on it <3 (2 months ago (Sep 8th, 2019))

  • Jae said:

    Ah, thank you! My profile was coded specially for me by Aly. I have her to thank for my profile~ (2 months ago (Sep 4th, 2019))