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  • keo56 said:

    Congrats! Your avi is absolutely beautiful~ (4 months ago (May 1st, 2019))

  • Florex said:

    Woow very pretty avi! <3 (4 months ago (May 1st, 2019))

  • Haven said:

    Congrats on AOTW!!! (4 months ago (Apr 30th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Awwe, you are very welcome, just wanted to tell you x3
    And thank you :3 (7 months ago (Jan 18th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Such a cute avatar x3 (7 months ago (Jan 17th, 2019))

  • Mr Pin said:

    Your avatar is absolutely beautiful! (8 months ago (Dec 22nd, 2018))