About me

If you get to know me you'll know I'm nothing more then a crazy, weird, chai latte addicted nerd that likes writing, games, movies and general nerd stoof.

I make mistakes (horrible taste in men), I'm rash and impulsive and opinionated and loud.

I don't expect to be liked by everyone, don't aim for it even, because I know that's impossible. What I do want though, is to be treated with the same respect I show you.
To be accepted for all of it, because all that is just who I am.

I am me. Flaws and all.

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My Comments

  • Pilotslover said:

    Hello Rye, thank you for the kind compliment. <3 (1 year ago (Aug 16th, 2020))

  • LilMissKushy said:

    Your very welcome ^.^ awk thank you :D (1 year ago (Jul 26th, 2020))

  • LilMissKushy said:

    Love ur avatar <3 (1 year ago (Jul 26th, 2020))

  • Tink said:

    I need to reply for youuus, sorry hun. (2 years ago (Jan 3rd, 2020))

  • Florex said:

    That's nice of you and you welcome again! <3 (2 years ago (Sep 2nd, 2019))

  • Florex said:

    Aww that's cool also never realized that and you welcome! (2 years ago (Sep 2nd, 2019))