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i have Multiple sclerosis (aka MS)
trying to do drag
like anime trying to figure what is new in anime besides MHA
so who here watched Ru Paul's drag race it's stunning
so with MS the brain waves are disrupted by the lesions in the brain and the dead spots in your brain stem. that is the spinal area. that causes numerous of difficulties to the person who has this very debilitating disease. plus there is no cure for MS. there is a shorter life span if goes untreated with medications that they have been coming out with. but research is key in understanding MS also knowledge of what it is like for cause alot of symptoms are like muscle spasms losing grip of objects for no reason. you get flare ups and the medication is to reduce the number of flare ups. that happen in a single day. no two people get the same exact symptoms of MS each is different and very to person to person i have a foot drop. which is basically my foot drags more than the other one does when walking. i have gotten dizzy while sitting and standing. you can't really get the needed sleep you want with MS.
on a lighter note heres a pic of stealthy kitty Image

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  • Tink said:

    Ohhhhhhh! A drag race friend! I can't even get my bf into it (8 months ago (Dec 16th, 2019))

  • stealthy kitty said:

    this sorta boring without friends
    (8 months ago (Dec 16th, 2019))