About me

Hello! ( ^ ω ^ )
I have joined several avatar forums over the years, Gaia, Menewsha, Solia, but I am looking for an active community to start role playing again.

I am currently writing a lot more, trying to write a bit everyday, even if I am just writing for myself. I have been trying to finish another piece of a story I have been writing (and rewriting) over several years. The main plot takes place in a seemingly fantasy world, but part of what happens is happening in reality and the part I am trying to finish right now is a foundation piece for that link between the fantasy world and reality. I have probably made it a lot more complicated than it needs to be...( * ´ ∀ ` *)

Oh well.

My Comments

  • Kami said:

    I LOVE YOUR AVATAR A LOT (3 weeks ago (Nov 27th, 2018))

  • LittleWhiteDragonlet said:

    asdfgh yeah that's her; I just don't play LOL but I've been seeing her all over Tumblr since the vid came out, so I've just been calling her Glowy Girlfriend xD;; (1 month ago (Nov 14th, 2018))

  • LittleWhiteDragonlet said:

    ARE YOU COSPLAYING GLOWY GIRLFRIEND?! (1 month ago (Nov 14th, 2018))

  • Vladimir said:

    Lovely avatar! (4 months ago (Aug 7th, 2018))

  • star2000shadow said:

    aww thanks Im glad you like her 'blush' (1 year ago (Dec 10th, 2017))

  • star2000shadow said:

    you has a very pretty avi. (1 year ago (Dec 10th, 2017))