About me

i am merc
i really like elves, mischief and the color green.
i'm an eternal 5 year old forever going through his teenage rebellious phase.
he / him or they / them pronouns
if you have any questions, come find me in my thread! i love making new friends. ouo

My Comments

  • nyreen said:

    thank you! (3 years ago (Oct 29th, 2017))

  • Kozi said:

    Aww, what a squishy bean you are. <33 Thank you so much!! (3 years ago (Oct 16th, 2017))

  • nyreen said:

    thank you! (3 years ago (Oct 4th, 2017))

  • Whydoilosethings said:

    Thank you so much, yours is super cool too. :) (3 years ago (Jul 6th, 2017))

  • Kozi said:

    Heyyy lookin' good there! Love the av :3 (3 years ago (Jun 16th, 2017))

  • Aradia said:

    ah nice! good luck with that <3 and tell me when that's successful so i can offer you congrats hehe (4 years ago (Mar 12th, 2017))