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  • -Nochtem- said:

    Ohh, thank you so much Flux! :D (3 weeks ago (Sep 28th, 2019))

  • star2000shadow said:

    aww thanks. (4 weeks ago (Sep 26th, 2019))

  • shadow98fl said:

    Thank you so very much!♥ (3 months ago (Jul 8th, 2019))

  • LadyJhudora said:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that <3
    I adore your avatar! (4 months ago (Jun 23rd, 2019))

  • Dalhanahue said:

    <3 Thanks. Don't really feel like chatting in forums much tonight but I do aim to try to find more time to log on when I can (4 months ago (Jun 11th, 2019))

  • nyreen said:

    I got into my account! I just emailed for assistance bc I kept getting a message telling me that my username didn't exist. It was so weird! (4 months ago (Jun 11th, 2019))