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  • McSwiggins said:

    Thank you! I forgot to switch my browser and was too oblivious to realize. (1 month ago (Feb 7th, 2019))

  • Neko Athena said:

    Honestly not sure, but I would want to get them if they exist. (2 months ago (Jan 10th, 2019))

  • Neko Athena said:

    I think my tapes were Pioneer, might have ADV dvd's though, got those much later. Now I'm wondering if I need to invest in Blu-rays... >.> (2 months ago (Jan 10th, 2019))

  • Fraeyalise said:

    The scythe is the plat/blueberry scythe from the DI Dullahan. c: I also really like the Dream/Onyx one~ (4 months ago (Nov 23rd, 2018))

  • Renee said:

    I want to say it’s both. :)
    You get a lot of application based classes but also theory based courses. :)
    My masters is under a specialty program. :) (4 months ago (Nov 21st, 2018))

  • Renee said:

    Thank you for asking.
    How are you? :) (4 months ago (Nov 21st, 2018))