About me

Hi! My name's Arcius (aka Brandi). For those who do recognize my username, I was apart of Caedons staff for just over 3 years, at least a year of which I was the Artist Coordinator.

On another note! I've got 4 lovely furrbabies, a job with a coffee shop (perfect job for caffeine addict), and a wonderful mini and wonderful human. I also work for another site, so you probably won't see me on or posting much if at all. I tend to lurk more than post anyhow.

My Comments

  • iWrox said:

    All the ones I'm looking for. But honestly, I'm hardly here anymore, and I haven't updated that thread in ages. ^^; (8 months ago (Dec 6th, 2020))

  • Ginggie said:

    Aww why thank you!! I am sure I have you to thank for providing some of these beautiful items n -n (1 year ago (Mar 22nd, 2020))

  • Black Rose Criminal said:

    thank you <3 for both the compliment and item name ^^ i actually don't do female avi's alot. (1 year ago (Feb 17th, 2020))

  • Black Rose Criminal said:

    thank you lol <3
    yours is fluffy~ what is the fluffy item?
    i was about to re-edit mine. maybe i'll wait awhile~ (1 year ago (Feb 17th, 2020))

  • Tink said:

    Goodness such a pretty avi! (2 years ago (Jan 13th, 2020))

  • Gatorlec said:

    Doing alright. Happy new year. Hope it treats you well. (2 years ago (Jan 3rd, 2020))