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Samuel here! I am from the U.S. and a college student in downtown Chicago! Majoring in Bio/Chem and Pre-dental, as well as, minoring in Spanish!
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  • Traveler said:

    Hey there. Would you mind telling me the name of your half cape and freckles? Thank you! (6 years ago (Apr 24th, 2015))

  • Mini said:

    -Gives you a dozen chocolate candy cane sprinkled donuts- (7 years ago (Dec 15th, 2014))

  • Vladimir said:

    Grrrr, I hope you get a lil' holiday break soon or something ; - ; (7 years ago (Sep 25th, 2014))

  • Vladimir said:

    Where you at yo. I never see you nowww. ; - ; (7 years ago (Sep 25th, 2014))

  • Vladimir said:

    Shhh. Put le banana back in your mouth. xP (7 years ago (Sep 13th, 2014))

  • Vladimir said:

    Your profile disturbs me >_> (7 years ago (Sep 12th, 2014))