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  • Kasheena said:

    I'm sorry things ended up the way they did. Acting like an adult first may have gotten us to a peaceful agreement. I hope you're well, I enjoyed our friendship while it lasted. (5 years ago (Feb 27th, 2016))

  • txttlk said:

    holy shit ur avatar is so pretty!! (6 years ago (Dec 3rd, 2015))

  • Mike G said:

    Hello just want to ask how much for the Patty's Scarf (Apple, Envy)? (6 years ago (Aug 12th, 2015))

  • Meishali said:

    I've literally been here for 5min you guys are crazy (6 years ago (May 26th, 2015))

  • Vladimir said:

    I seriously gawk in jealousy each time I see your damn avatar. : | <3 (6 years ago (Apr 5th, 2015))

  • Mini said:

    Howdy ho neighborino (6 years ago (Mar 27th, 2015))