About me

Um...Well, I'm from New Jersey. And I'm a girl. And...I'd like people to ask me things they want to know about me?

P.S.: My profile was made pretty by The Emo Duck. >:3

My Comments

  • Flux said:

    Someone who like mythology, someone I can appreciate. (2 years ago (Aug 18th, 2019))

  • Sneckz said:

    WAit, wrong person!!! But I still would like to know the profile think, haha (7 years ago (Jul 5th, 2014))

  • Sneckz said:

    OH, already did! Turned out ut was an error, so got them now. Oh, and how did you get your profile to center like that and change the text colour? I used the codes from an old profile, but didn't wor (7 years ago (Jul 5th, 2014))

  • Samuel said:

    Waazzz up!!!!! >:3 (7 years ago (Apr 7th, 2014))

  • Nuntis said:

    No I am donating to you silly to your quest. (7 years ago (Apr 6th, 2014))

  • Nuntis said:

    Check your trades hon, I sent a little help.;) (7 years ago (Apr 6th, 2014))