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  • Kasheena said:

    Love your avi! Glad to still see you around :) (3 years ago (Oct 11th, 2018))

  • Astraleaf said:

    Hehe, totally! :D I wonder if they have fox ears or something... They definitely have two-toned hair! ;D (3 years ago (Aug 16th, 2018))

  • Astraleaf said:

    Hehe, thanks! I thought I'd try turning her into Alys, since the RP is here. ^.^ (3 years ago (Aug 14th, 2018))

  • Anarchist Beauty said:

    Your avi cute! (3 years ago (Aug 13th, 2018))

  • Tink said:

    Oh hai bestie <3 (3 years ago (Jul 31st, 2018))

  • Astraleaf said:

    Holla back! ;D Lol. Now to figure out how to dress up my Avvie... XD (3 years ago (Jul 24th, 2018))