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Hey, I'm Ana and I'm a loser.
Find me on Sapherna and Voltra with the same username!

Vii made my profile, isn't it lovely?

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  • Niyo said:

    I knew that name looked familiar.. (2 years ago (May 1st, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    LOL, I guess the dark look, just look good XD <3 (3 years ago (Sep 24th, 2018))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Oh -ho-ho, you don't need me to tell you that, LOL XD
    Can't go wrong with cyber goth XD <3 (3 years ago (Sep 22nd, 2018))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Looking cute o: (3 years ago (Sep 22nd, 2018))

  • Milkii said:

    Heyaaa! (4 years ago (Mar 21st, 2018))

  • Varien said:

    tis the way to go, gurl (4 years ago (Feb 24th, 2018))