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I don't have a lot of opinions on a lot of things, but I enjoy cute and pretty things; especially stars and flowers. I don't know a whole lot about stars and flowers, I just like looking at them. I honestly don't know a lot about anything.

I do consider myself as a very calm and collected person, though around people I'm comfortable with, I'm quite the opposite. I'm extremely critical to what I post online, hence why I don't post a whole lot. Yet. Who knows.

I've been to Seoul once every year since 2011, with exception of 2016. And it's a tradition I plan to keep. Or at least try to keep. I love it there, and it's become like a second home for me.

Pleased to meet you. ~ Image

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  • Jae said:

    Who are your top groups?? Bias?? I can get pretty excited talking about kpop.. so if I come off too much pls let me know ;;
    And thank you! <3 (5 years ago (Dec 8th, 2016))

  • Jae said:

    Ohi! It's nice to meet fellow Kpop fans~ *^* (5 years ago (Dec 5th, 2016))

  • creativitea said:

    thx!!! åssen fikk du bakgrunn inni? ;0 (5 years ago (Dec 4th, 2016))

  • creativitea said:

    er ikke akkurat super fastsatt for meg heller. får vente å se (5 years ago (Dec 3rd, 2016))

  • creativitea said:

    #smooth (5 years ago (Dec 3rd, 2016))

  • creativitea said:

    da har vi samme økonomi her, enn så lenge. (5 years ago (Dec 3rd, 2016))