About me

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: California

Hello, I'm terrible at all this but I'll try my best. Well my full name is not important but my middle name is Melody. Feel free to call me Rimi though if you'd like. I actually came here from Syn since a friend mentioned this site and I thought I'd check it out.

I am the oldest of four children. My favorite animal is the Hyena, although I find the Kangaroo Rat very adorable too. My favorite color or shade is Grey, I am a very picky eater but sometimes do try new things, and I enjoy playing games every now and then when things are slow online.

Not sure what else to tell you other than I am a pretty nice person when you get to know me.

Turtle Sensei said:
@Boss Rimi: just to jump in here right quick... I wanted to see what hair color you two were talking about, and omg! You are gorgeous! You look like a Disney character with those gorgeous lips and cheek bones!

Featherquill said:
@Boss Rimi: no XD I thought it was funny lol
Your avatar seemed really hard to approach XD but you're like the nicest,person I've met on here lol

White Mage said:
@boss rimi: man FANCY ORNAMENTS AND EVERYTHING gosh wow check ur cardboard box privilege sits in a pile of cobwebs

My Comments

  • Rayna said:

    flies. c: thank you! i hope your holidays were lovely too n-n (4 years ago (Jan 21st, 2018))

  • Rayna said:

    i think my last comment cut off? D: but anyway that's cool! that's a bummer you're not as close as you thought to graduating though ): but i'm sure you'll be graduating before you know it, time f (4 years ago (Jan 21st, 2018))

  • Mini said:

    I hope you have been well! (4 years ago (Jan 16th, 2018))

  • Mini said:

    Love your avatar. <3 (4 years ago (Dec 22nd, 2017))

  • Rayna said:

    Whatcha going to school for? Hm I hope everything's okay?
    It's not really that, it's kinda the opposite actually haha. This is my first real job I've had longer than like a month and just getting (4 years ago (Nov 28th, 2017))

  • nyreen said:

    I like your avatar! (4 years ago (Nov 27th, 2017))