About me

Um Hello there. I am Wild Fox Appears also known as Kit , Kitsune , Yuki and so much more.

Um I have two cats ( kk and Cain) that are my fur babbies >: I love to game ( mostly shooter or another type of action type games but i will also sit down on my pc and play stardew valley.

I love to draw. So I shall give you all of my art sites ( I upload digital art as much as i can or able too. )

On tinypic You will find my username WildFoxAppears.

On deviant art its SakuraKitsuneGirl. But I sing my art work with my online name ( W.F.A ) cause putting the full name would be tiresome XD

Um .. I am older then I act ( I act like a kid mostly ) but i am an adult

And if you want to know where i live ? or my real name and stuff as that .. don't ask .. i don't give that out XD
um that is it i guess bye bye

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  • shadow98fl said:

    It does! Thank you! (3 years ago (Jul 22nd, 2018))

  • shadow98fl said:

    Hiya! I love your avatar. ♥
    Could you tell me where those adorable ears come from? (3 years ago (Jul 20th, 2018))

  • Sir Tic said:

    Yay friiiendssss
    omg what dooo you wanna know about my pupsssss\she's da best aha (3 years ago (Jun 24th, 2018))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Yours is so cool! <3
    LOL, thank you I suppose? XD (3 years ago (Oct 1st, 2017))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Your avatar <3 (3 years ago (Oct 1st, 2017))