About me

Hello. I'm Freya - but I will also respond to "Oi you!"

I'm a big nerd. I read a lot, game when I can and I love talking about archaeology and history. :3 I like painting and drawing - even though I lack skill in that area.

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  • urbeth said:

    Oh, my soul! You have a beautiful avatar! :O (5 years ago (Oct 26th, 2019))

  • Vivianne said:

    You found me quickly! I’m still poking around.

    I like the avatars here too. :D (5 years ago (Oct 19th, 2019))

  • Vivianne said:

    Yes, I am! I decided to check this place out since you like it! (5 years ago (Oct 19th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Sound good :D
    OMG, cute look o: (5 years ago (Oct 3rd, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    You are most welcome :D Lets chat in topics, when you get online <3 (5 years ago (Sep 30th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Heeey sweet Autumn! Just wanted to leave you a little message :D Your avatar is coming out nicely! (5 years ago (Sep 29th, 2019))