About me

Hi! i'm w0xy

I'm one of the developers here at caedon.

I'm 25 years old, and I'm a programmer/musician/dj/artist, I like finding new music and writing new music, and hanging out with my friends online!

my tumblr is' http://gg-wp.tumblr.com'

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My Comments

  • Miyo02 said:

    I know people here have commented but I thought my eyes were fooling me when I saw the colors. Waah. I had to say it. So cool (1 year ago (Jan 24th, 2018))

  • Demo said:

    I know Im late to the party on this but that effect on your name is probably the coolest thing Ive seen all week. (2 years ago (Sep 7th, 2017))

  • Arcius said:

    Man, that gradient thing on your username is so awesome! ;o; *is slightly jellin'* (2 years ago (Jan 22nd, 2017))

  • imagiination said:

    POOT POOT :D (3 years ago (Dec 14th, 2016))

  • w0xy said:

    haha thanks @Kawaii Neko Teaa i customized them to be glowey with my coding powers :) (3 years ago (Apr 7th, 2016))

  • Kawaii Neko Teaa said:

    I thought I was crazy when I saw your staff colors turn pink and blue, I thought my eyes were deceiving me ;w; (3 years ago (Apr 7th, 2016))