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I am RL, a genderqueer person from Sweden. However, people tend to think that I am British, for some reason. :) I bet it is because of my exceedingly excellent English.
You can call me any of the following names; Ringo, Rin, RinLin, Hide, Zetsu... They are the most common ones I tend to use, haha. :') Just don't call me Rinrin, okay?
I love being creative, and have many such hobbies - Drawing, crafting, singing, writing. Roleplay is awesome, so hit me up if you wanna do something, okay? :) I also like to do collabs on art. <3 I also like to bake and cook! Got a special muffins recipe. :P Would love to try voice acting at some point, used to do theater when I was younger. I also customize ponies and dolls for fun, hoping to be able to sell my services at some point. :)

Oh, and I am a random person. I can suddenly just change topics if we chat, or go silent. It doesn't mean that I am ignoring you, just that I may have gone to bed, or offline for a bit. Mayhaps something shiny nabbed my attention?
Pets are awesome! I have two cats and one bunny, mom have one cat, and my younger sis have two cats (one who lives with mom), a bunny and a guineapig (who lives with my bunny.) So in total; Five cats, two bunnies and a guineapig! :D

My dream is to become an English teacher, so I hope to be able to fix my grades, and then apply for the education at the university. Language have always been my thing; I speak Swedish and English fluently, a little bit of German, since I had it in school and a tiny bit of Japanese.
Love all things cute and shiny, but also dark ones. My taste is very wide, I suspect it has something to do with my estetic interest in everything. :P

I love to read, it can be manga, comics or books. Really don't like reading online, but what choice do you have when manga is expensive, and not sold in your country? -.-'
Anime is an interest as well- I tend to be drawn to supernatural ones, as well as reverse harem. Music is a major genre for me as well. Romance is a plus, no matter gender of the characters. I love yaoi, as well as yuri and straight love, too, of course. <3 My favorite series are Bakumatsu Rock, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FullMetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Uta no Prince-sama, La Corda d'Oro, Kamigamo ni Asobi, Devils & Realist and Magi. I am so happy that Super Lovers finally got an animation, yey, been following the manga for years. I don't like Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Gravitation, due to the overwhelming force and rapefactor those series are based on.
Of course I love cartoons! My Little Pony, the animation from the 80's and the Friendship is magic. I have yet to watch the G3 movies, but I am not too sure about the G3.5 ones... That animation is odd, but I do like the ponies in some weird way. xD Adventure Time is just a really trippy show, but I love it! Gravity Falls was awesome, omg. <3 It reminded me of the good shows that used to air when I was a kid in the 90's. Steven Universe is just beautiful, but the fandom seems to be full of nutjobs. Always loved Futurama more than The Simpsons, haha. xD
Other series I like are The Walking Dead, iZombie, Bates Motel, Hemlock Grove, Jane the Virgin, Stargate SG1 (even if the 9th season was so sloooow), Supernatural, Orange is the new black. I do enjoy How I Met Your Mother as well. Growing up, I loved W.I.T.C.H. and Totally Spies. Oh, and Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, as well as Fairly Odd Parents.
Looove Disney and Pixar! Dreamworks have some great movies, too.

I listen to almost any type of music. Songs before genres! Love J-rock and J-pop, as well as K-pop. BING BANG! <3 <3 80's music is awesome.

Games are a huge part of my life, I even planned to get into 3D modeling and animation at one point, and a game developer. Didn't happen. xD My favorite game series are Dragon Age. The solid story through all three games, the things you can do, and the facts that your choices have consequences. The world becomes custom, based on your choices.
I used to play WoW, World of Warcraft, for almost 10 years, but I quit in WoD, it was becoming too easy. Still love the lore, and I collect the books.
Mario Kart on DS is awesome, especially when I play with friends! :D We have so much fun together! Other than that, I play some games on my phone and tablet occasionally.

I do toy hunts, reviews, box openings and other stuff on my YouTube. The channel is really a mixture of everything, but, hey, maybe you'd find something you like? :) Will hopefully upload some cosplay and con videos soon!

Cons are a major thing in my life. It helped me get over my shyness, and now I can talk to anyone and make new friends. :) Been going to cons since 2005, I am a veteran these days, haha! XD If I only had more skills and money, I would cosplay more. Done a few so far; L and Near from Death Note, Gou from FREE!, Sexy no Jutsu Kakashi from Naruto, Sanji from One Piece, Nowaki form Junjou Romantica (only character I like in that anime).
J-fashion is awesome, I love all styles! Lolita Kei, Fairy Kei, Deco, Visual Kei, Pop Kei/Spank, Pastel Goth and Uchuu Kei are my favorite ones.

Feel free to visit me on these sites and games, add me as a friend, follow, or whatever. :D
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