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I am Winxy and I came over from Ernya that shut down. Before that I had Crysandrea, but that also shut down. I absolutely refuse to go to GaiaOnline.

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  • Vi said:

    EMBER YOU WILL REMEMBER!!! (6 months ago (Nov 24th, 2019))

  • urbeth said:

    You're welcome! :) (1 year ago (Apr 5th, 2019))

  • urbeth said:

    Happy Birthday, Winxy!!! <3 (1 year ago (Mar 31st, 2019))

  • Crystal Peacock said:

    !!!Thank you so much! That was so generous! (2 years ago (Feb 5th, 2018))

  • Shizuka na Ongaku said:

    [Insert genetic "this is Getsuga" here] xD (2 years ago (Jan 20th, 2018))

  • Nii-sama said:

    ((I never get sick or take antibiotics. So when I do get sick, I literally hate everything xD)) (2 years ago (Dec 30th, 2017))