About me

I'm Dreavus your resident Pokeman. Feel free to chat and add me because I love making friends. <3

My Comments

  • Trevelyan said:

    Hey lovely! It's been a while since I've been on. I hope you've been doing well! cx (3 years ago (Jan 1st, 2019))

  • Kasheena said:

    omfg your avatar. you look FAB love!! (4 years ago (Feb 24th, 2018))

  • pollywho said:

    Dreaavvvyyyyyyy I just saw your comment. ;A ; I've missed this place so much! Do you still come here? </3 (4 years ago (Nov 1st, 2017))

  • Kawaii Neko Teaa said:

    It is ok, people get busy ^_^
    Thank you ♥ How have you been baby? (5 years ago (Apr 11th, 2017))

  • Kawaii Neko Teaa said:

    Hey baby Drea :) (5 years ago (Apr 3rd, 2017))

  • Aska said:

    your avatar is so pretty <3 (5 years ago (Mar 28th, 2017))