About me

Yo, It's Flapjack.
Chowder and I are sisters.
Yes that's one of my avis with pancakes.
Draw my avi with pancakes and you might find yourself with some ingots.
Let's be friends~ I like comments.

Currently Binge watching: X-Files
Just finished Binge watching: Grey's Anatomy

Have any questions regarding the site, feel free to message!

My Comments

  • Black Rose Criminal said:

    hey pretty lady. what items are you using on your avatar? they're gorgeous. c: (3 years ago (Jul 7th, 2018))

  • Flaria said:

    Yo, I'm loving your avatar outfit, Flapjack. :O It's pretty. (4 years ago (Feb 16th, 2018))

  • pollywho said:

    YEASSSSSSS I AMM well technically I'll still be on and off for like a day or two but I'm def back. T- T Crazy how much I missed evERYONE in here!!!! Also, wooohoooo congrats on getting a cool job! C (4 years ago (Nov 4th, 2017))

  • pollywho said:

    OMG FLAPPYYYY *hides in a corner bc I just saw your comment* I MISSED THIS PLACE SO MUCHHH it's crazy! How have things been? ;u ; (4 years ago (Nov 1st, 2017))

  • Mz Hyde said:

    it's a flappy !!!!!!!!!! (4 years ago (Sep 22nd, 2017))

  • John the Revelator said:

    Uhh...I've been alright. Could be worse, at least lol. How about you? (4 years ago (Aug 21st, 2017))