About me

Hi there I'm Daemon and I'm one of the Pixel Artists for Caedon. First off if you couldn't tell from my name I'm a girl. I'm 28 yrs old and live in Canada; Toronto, Ontario if you want to be specific. There are many things I love but my greatest passions would be art, books/manga, and video games. I also happen to love horror and gothic themed things. So much so in fact that my room is painted in smokey greys, black, and reds ;P Well I do hope that we end up bumping into each other on Cae. Don't worry I won't bite ;D

My Comments

  • Florex said:

    Woow, congratulations and love your creepy doomed background theme! <3 (2 years ago (Nov 15th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    No problem <3 (2 years ago (Nov 7th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Holy shit you are pretty =O-O= (2 years ago (Nov 6th, 2019))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Its a really neat avatar, you got yourself there o: (3 years ago (Sep 22nd, 2018))

  • Lucifer said:

    Incredible;e avi, fantastic homepage -thumbs up- (3 years ago (Sep 20th, 2018))

  • DaceyRose said:

    You avi is amazing O.O (3 years ago (Apr 10th, 2018))