About me

Mother of two. Artist. I am an Agnostic Polytheist (or Agnostipagan), Witch, Demisexual Queer, and have Depression and Anxiety. My mule is Storm of Fate.

Where to find me:
I've migrated to Discord as my primary "chat" service, message me for my username. I'm on Zantarni as KiwiRose, and Dappervolk as Wistful Stray, but am currently not active on either. Open to avatar community suggestions.

+ I am trying to collect several hairstyles & extensions in /every/ available color. Message me if you want to help. Sleek Bun, Secret Love, Athali Hair, Isa's Braid, Hipster Bun, Vee Hair, Wavy Locks, Gothic Hair. Ponytail, Kawaii Hair Fringe, Shota Fringe.

+Donation Items
Flame Dancer, Lunar Guardian, Nature's Guardian, Jaellyhime, Nymphess, Angel Eyes, Devil's Promise, The Goddess, Battle Mage, Arachnidea, Hero, Angelus, Thanatos, Pirate Queen, Wanderer, Sharkin', Servant of Darkness, Guardian Legacy, Winter Lady, Royal Crystal, Crow Warrior, Pony Play,

+Event Items
- Winter 2014 Antlers: Decorated antlers, Snow.
- St. Pattie's Day 2015: Lucy's Locks, Lucky Clogs
- Return of the Luvi (Spring 2015): Elven Hair, Sakura Branch, Luvi Feather Art, Luvi Feather Tail Top, Luvi Sleeves
- Winter Solstice 2015: Winter Fur
- Sheepless In Celadon! (2016): Little Bo Hair, Captain Rusty Hair, Captain Rusty Hat, Captain Rusty Vest, Captain Rusty Pants, Captain Rusty Blouse, Captain Rusty Boots
- Caedon World Faire (2016): Owl Mask, Owl Feathertail, Owl Belt and Bracelets, Octopus Hat, Faekin Ear Clips, Fox Eyes
- Ward's Murder Mystery (2016): Cauldron, Sorcery Magic, Witch Tats Triple Moon, Pentagram Thigh, Inverted Cross, Horned God, and Blessing Tattoos, Zombieskin, - Zombie Gore (Blood), Zombie Arm, Dark Selva Forest Background
- Frozen Kostros (2017): Ice Skin, Winter Aura, Ice Shards, Icicles, Fire Aura, Fire Hair, Wings, Atla Locks
- Accessory Extravaganza: Cloud Pauldrons
- Sirens in Celadon: Fanged Mouth
- A Fairy's Path: Angler Eyes, Volt Magic
- Celadon Ball: Held Rose, Wine Glass
- World Faire 2018: Exalted Top, Exalted Skirt

Limited Items: Revanon Set, Owl Wings, Charming Hair

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  • Dalhanahue said:

    Thank you so much ma'am. I changed it lol but I was pretty happy with that one too (4 years ago (Jun 24th, 2020))

  • Aleah said:

    Thank you so much! (4 years ago (Apr 12th, 2020))

  • Aleah said:

    Love your avatar! May I ask what hair that is?
    (4 years ago (Apr 11th, 2020))

  • Dalhanahue said:

    Dat avy tho (4 years ago (Feb 2nd, 2020))

  • -Nochtem- said:

    Thank you so much :D!
    Your avatar is pretty cute! o: (5 years ago (Nov 23rd, 2019))

  • Keo said:

    Goodness! Your avi is so beautiful! (5 years ago (Sep 20th, 2019))