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  • violet said:

    Where have you been, veng? :o (5 years ago (Jun 2nd, 2016))

  • Stormtrooper said:

    I found you. óuó (6 years ago (Dec 9th, 2015))

  • shosho said:

    okay, that's totally fine and understandable. tell her that i hope she's well! ♥ and i'll miss her~ (6 years ago (Dec 5th, 2015))

  • shosho said:

    yeah, i think i have her~ but i'm not on DA often lol. is she not interested in joining avvy sites anymore? (6 years ago (Dec 5th, 2015))

  • Reapergirl87 said:

    Hey! ^_^ Glad you made it here! (6 years ago (Dec 3rd, 2015))

  • Mignonette said:

    sent you a friend request, check forum tab to view the request. ouo
    (6 years ago (Dec 3rd, 2015))