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  • Electric Butterfly said:

    I actually love the top as well... and is that a belt on the skirt? -grabby hands- (6 years ago (Mar 6th, 2016))

  • Electric Butterfly said:

    Omg that scythe and skirt! What are they called? O.O (6 years ago (Mar 6th, 2016))

  • Naeril said:

    -peeks at- (6 years ago (Feb 9th, 2016))

  • Kasheena said:

    -offers hugs- (6 years ago (Feb 2nd, 2016))

  • holi has fallen said:

    sounds like fun, I would have loved to see that <3 (6 years ago (Dec 30th, 2015))

  • holi has fallen said:

    did you get to see anything interesting on the pier there deary? (6 years ago (Dec 30th, 2015))