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  • violet said:

    Hey Sho. Where have you been? (5 years ago (Jun 2nd, 2016))

  • boysb4flowers said:

    made mulie <3 (6 years ago (Dec 18th, 2015))

  • Sassifrass said:

    I can still hold it (6 years ago (Dec 11th, 2015))

  • imagiination said:

    I just wasn't feeling the kinkachu xDD I feel so much better as imagii! (6 years ago (Dec 11th, 2015))

  • holi has fallen said:

    it is all good, I had to do a lot today (6 years ago (Dec 10th, 2015))

  • holi has fallen said:

    it's a tiny person hehe I thought you disappeared (6 years ago (Dec 10th, 2015))