About me

Hello there! Name's Sora. I joined the site as soon as I heard about it, hoping this site can get off the ground and be booming! I am the same Sora that used to be on Crysandrea before it was shut down and I was a mod on there at one time. And now on here, I'm a mod and hope I can help the users of this site out as much as I can!

If you love to craft, please chat me up as I love to craft as well. I do have a deviantart account that you folks can +watch me!' http://www.theyarnbunny.deviantart.com/'

I'm hoping one day to start a vlog series on youtube under the same username. I'll update about that on here whenever I'm able to get that started!

I used to role play a lot over on Crysandrea when it was still running, so hopefully, if I see some fun people into role play as well, I can give it a try on here too. I mostly like to do male x male type of role plays, but will also do female x female if the plot really interests me. Go ahead and send me a pm if you'd like to try and role play with me!

I do work part-time as a cashier, so there may be times I'm not online during the day or night, depending on when I'm scheduled. But I will do my best to be on to help others out on here when they need help.

My Comments

  • Koah said:

    Why thank you. <3 it's rather simple. I like the purple your using on your avi, super pretty. :) (6 years ago (Dec 6th, 2015))

  • Vladimir said:

    Your DA is so cute!! (8 years ago (Mar 27th, 2014))

  • stostina said:

    Here there, Sora! You have a lovely avatar! How are you doing? (8 years ago (Mar 27th, 2014))

  • Elsa said:

    The cold never bothered me anyway~ (reason for not having any proper clothes on during winter XD ) (8 years ago (Mar 7th, 2014))

  • Rocker said:

    Never seen that series, but I just looked it up and can see why you see the resemblance to that chacacter. I am ok with this. c: (8 years ago (Mar 5th, 2014))