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-X- Demigirl -X- 20 -X- You local artsy-fartsy weirdo -X-

Hi there! You can call me Creep. You majesty also works. I wasn't very active on Cae for a while but I love this community so I'm trying to get back into it. Life happened and I poofed for about a year...

I also created Cae's LGBTQ hangout, when I'm trying to revive. You should check it out here:

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  • cnts said:

    haha no problem ! i know im the same way xD (1 year ago (Jan 23rd, 2018))

  • cnts said:

    its a page prize for page 35 c: in my thread haha sorry about that! (1 year ago (Jan 23rd, 2018))

  • Aly said:

    Your avatar is stunning! <3 (2 years ago (Mar 10th, 2017))

  • Errisa said:

    nope c: its a prize for posting (2 years ago (Feb 27th, 2017))

  • Reapergirl87 said:

    Oh hey it's TOTALLY ok, I kinda am too. DX (3 years ago (Jan 14th, 2017))

  • Reapergirl87 said:

    Oh hey it's cool! ^_^ And right back at ya. ^_~ (3 years ago (Dec 25th, 2016))