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My name is MungoBoo. I had the same name on a number of other avatar sites so some of you might recognize me.
Art by Moriiko! ^

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  • Sierra said:

    Hey! I haven't spoken to you in ages, more or less since Celainia, but I still remember and miss you! <3 (2 years ago (Mar 27th, 2017))

  • McSwiggins said:

    What does your name even mean? (2 years ago (Mar 11th, 2017))

  • Aly said:

    You're rocking the new avatar! <3 (2 years ago (Feb 16th, 2017))

  • McSwiggins said:

    This is a great site. The community is great, the staff is great and the avatars and items are great. I hope you enjoy yourself here. (2 years ago (Feb 12th, 2017))

  • McSwiggins said:

    Hey, glad to see you ended up joining. (2 years ago (Feb 11th, 2017))