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JUST A DUDE IDK man I go by Shark on other sites sometimes or Bicuriousgrandpa

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  • Kijo Odoriko no Niho said:

    No problem :) (10 months ago (Aug 24th, 2018))

  • Kijo Odoriko no Niho said:

    Its just the regular old hipster bun in Clay and antique~
    You can get it in the regular old shop :) (10 months ago (Aug 24th, 2018))

  • McSwiggins said:

    Thanks. : ) Aly made the layout for me. ^. ^ (1 year ago (Apr 16th, 2018))

  • Demo said:

    Happy Christmas my friend. I hope youve been well. (1 year ago (Dec 24th, 2017))

  • Mz Hyde said:

    your best is beautiful lol (2 years ago (Dec 11th, 2017))

  • Mz Hyde said:

    I love your top layering rn omg o: (2 years ago (Dec 11th, 2017))