About me

My name is Sasha I'm 22. I came here after Ernya was shut down user name on there was Dink. I love to Rp I also write short stories, I love to draw as well. That's all for now i'll update it later on.

My Comments

  • green poker said:

    OMG I miss you dink. Are you on gaia? (6 years ago (Mar 10th, 2016))

  • Totalanimefan said:

    I've been good. I've been learning how to code ^^ (6 years ago (Feb 9th, 2016))

  • Totalanimefan said:

    Hey there Dink~ (6 years ago (Feb 9th, 2016))

  • Reanimator said:

    I am good how about you
    (6 years ago (Dec 25th, 2015))

  • Minyaagar said:

    Hey tehre Dink! I am loving your avatar. It looks amazing. (6 years ago (Dec 23rd, 2015))

  • Reanimator said:

    (6 years ago (Dec 22nd, 2015))