About me

I am Cytrus, also known as Fruity/FruityBrook. Stuff I like includes drawing, citrus, gaming (casually), graphic design, running, and surfing the interwebs. Pretty sure I mentioned citrus.

I'm 'Murican, living in Michigan.
32 year old female, born on 7/31.
Dating my man forever.
My favorite colors are orange and green.
I have an adorable black kitty named Clyde.
Joined Caedon on 12/13/17

Games I Play
FFXIV: Volta Fellspell (Jenova)

Profile Credits
Profile design and background image by me. Coding is technically by Trash Chicken over on Sapherna since I followed their profile tutorial over there.

Trash Chicken's profile:' http://sapherna.com/user/Trash+Chicken'
Profile tutorial:' http://sapherna.com/topic/view/7025' (Works here!)

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  • Kasheena said:

    Love your avi! (2 years ago (Oct 5th, 2018))

  • VEE said:

    o oki sorry :v and uhh idk a friend made a code for mee xD im clueless. some ppl have free codes on the forums tho ? : o (3 years ago (Dec 13th, 2017))

  • VEE said:

    -pokes- :^) (3 years ago (Dec 13th, 2017))