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  • Psithirise said:

    Hiya Yuyu, it's Leaffi :D (2 years ago (Jul 29th, 2017))

  • VEE said:

    <3 you are the best, thanks for always working so hard for caedon. (2 years ago (Mar 23rd, 2017))

  • Bliss said:

    OMFG! The way you combined those bangs+ that ponytail is so CUTE I am CRINE! That's such a great idea! <3 (2 years ago (Jan 26th, 2017))

  • Fatcat Overlord said:

    Hello there! How are you finding the site? I hope you've been checking out the forums (particulaly Caedon Cafe) and I do hope that you'll stick around and post more. <3 (4 years ago (Apr 25th, 2015))