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"Hm? Now, what do we have here? A guest, I see. Well, make it quick. Lady Kako doesn't have all day."

((Backstory coming soon))

Currently Questing (Full list here:' https://www.caedon.net/topic/view/9154' ):
Fae Queen Lyria
Mech Hand
Mech Arm
Mech Leg
Flame Dancer
Siren's Call
Nocturne of Shadows
Demonic Seduction
Death's Lover
Ice Regalia
The Goddess (v1 and v2)
Angel Eyes
Devil's Promise
Ancient Defender
Infamous Outlaw
Mech Doll
Summoning Bird
Black Rose hair
Shrine Keeper
Tea Time
Faen Warrior
Immortal Soul
Stellar Venus
Bo's Outfit
Gothic Kei
Ward's Outfit
Astro Explorer
Nature's Guard
Belly Dancer
Pirate Queen
Winter Lady
Royal Crystal
Ancient Defender
Cybernetic Lapain
Pony Play
Ice Shards
Everything from Frozen Kostros (I missed it somehow...)
Guardian Legacy
Celestial Fae
Bloody Hands
Fox Eyes
Sorcery Magic
Zombie Wings

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  • Mz Hyde said:

    may I just say your entry for the fashion contest has set the bar high. >w> I love it ~ (2 weeks ago (Jan 3rd, 2019))

  • Kijo Odoriko no Niho said:

    You're Avi is like so nice right now.
    I just love it.
    beautiful! (2 months ago (Nov 28th, 2018))

  • Florex said:

    Your avi is an art that speaks true fantasy! <3 (4 months ago (Sep 12th, 2018))

  • iWrox said:

    I just wanted to say that I like your avi. <3 Very unique! (9 months ago (May 2nd, 2018))

  • VEE said:

    quite brilliant to double up those arm mods. creates a beautiful pose !!! (9 months ago (Apr 16th, 2018))

  • VEE said:

    hahaha xD well its totally worth it <3 and yeeee i feel that too lol (10 months ago (Apr 3rd, 2018))