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I am a dude. Who is a guy. Who does things.

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  • Bliss said:

    Best about me section hands down lol
    (5 years ago (Dec 10th, 2016))

  • Madam Disaster said:

    Love the "about me" :P (5 years ago (Aug 15th, 2016))

  • Errisa said:

    These are the possible sizes:9, 11, 14, 18, 22, 26, 28, and 32 (5 years ago (May 27th, 2016))

  • Errisa said:

    Hey I saw on your testing forum that you tried size and it didnt work. well it does work... only specific sizes. http://www.caedon.net/topic/view/4166#286755 (5 years ago (May 27th, 2016))

  • Neko Athena said:

    lmao aaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy (5 years ago (May 26th, 2016))