About me

A poof here, a small explosion there, a certain berry mixed in.... Stir the pot three times clockwise, two to counter, add a pinch of love--and you have just a little of me!

Nice to meet you. I'm Lenora Spark and I'm a witch! My specialty is potion-making. Don't be alarmed if I make a mess, it's just the natural order of things over in my chambers. My two best friends are Bo and the Ham. And shh, don't tell anyone, but...I provide some, er, equipment for Hamilton's pranks now and then.

Stop by my corner of the most magic-infused shop in the city for a peak at some of my handywork. Bo's is pretty top-notch too; that girl's got talent! Enchanted Rarities is only a hop, skip, and if you're feeling a little frivolous, a chant away!

My Friends

My Comments

  • Kozi said:

    Love the outfit! Very nice. <33 (3 years ago (Oct 26th, 2017))

  • star2000shadow said:

    its a very nice make over..i definetly like that hat haha. have a good day ma'am. (3 years ago (Oct 24th, 2017))

  • star2000shadow said:

    ...whoa i love your witches hat..it is so cool. (3 years ago (Oct 24th, 2017))

  • Mini said:

    I shall take your comment cherry as well. (3 years ago (Aug 2nd, 2017))