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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, especially the ladies. Let me extend a most heartfelt and warm greetings to all those who have come. Welcome! My name is Eleazer Ward, but you may call me Ward if you so choose. Only you though, don’t let anyone else know or else they might get jealous. Don’t forget to drop by the shop once in a while, I’ve always got fabulous creations in stock waiting. Over at Ward’s Remarkable Imports we only have the rarest of items found all over the world, hurry over fast you never know how long until they’re in stock again.

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  • clockworkContrivance said:

    Oh no a cute. (?u??) (6 years ago (Feb 17th, 2018))

  • Ceren said:

    OMG! Thank you. <3 (6 years ago (Nov 24th, 2017))

  • GhostILY said:

    *wonders how you'll react to direct sunshine* (6 years ago (Aug 16th, 2017))

  • okios said:

    notice me senpai (6 years ago (Jun 18th, 2017))

  • Mini said:

    I SEE YOU! (6 years ago (Jun 16th, 2017))

  • Vladimir said:

    Oh my heart, you look fantastic. * u * (6 years ago (May 3rd, 2017))